Are You Looking for a New Cannabis Strain to Try?


It sounds like a magical mythical creature from a long-lost text, instead it is a magical cannabis strain perfect for morning tokes. Users report a significant euphoric ‘shift’, a great strain for stress relief or depression. Chocolope was developed by combining Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, and the result is delicious. The sweet, earthy aroma combines notes of coffee and chocolate, making it a perfect companion for your morning coffee.

LA Confidential

A serious indica that offers a well-rounded high. Expect the classic indica couchlock that makes drifting off to sleep that much easier. Users report LA Confidential is great for both stress and pain relief. A pungent strain that gives tokers a potent, all-around high.

White Rhino

White Rhino is an indica strain that has some seriously head-heavy effects. Born from White Widow and an unknown North American indica, White Rhino is a favorite strain for medical users because of its high THC content.

Maui Waui

A pure sativa strain born from the Hawaiian sativa. Maui Waui offers a super tasty tropical flavor and aroma. It gives users a strong euphoric feeling coupled with an energetic buzz; perfect for daytime adventures. Maui Waui doesn’t hit you quite like the name suggests. It is a very focused cerebral high wrapped up in a very mild strain. Great for infrequent smokers and daytime tokers.

Afghan Kush

A pure and potent indica originating around the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Afghan Kush has a huge amount of resin, making it a great strain for making hash. Expect some serious sedation and a deep relaxation. Users report some serious post-sesh munchies and couchlock.

Super Lemon Haze

An 80% sativa dominant strain derived from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Great tasting citrus flavors and aroma with a potent high-energy, euphoric high.Super Lemon Haze is a fantastic strain with remarkable pedigree. A great everyday strain for seasoned tokers who like an uplifting and energetic high.

Strawberry Cough

A potent sativa strain that combined the infamous Strawberry Fields with the Haze strain. Strawberry Cough is as delightful as it sounds, a sweet skunky-berry aroma will transport you to a lush strawberry patch in the middle of summer. Expect a super-uplifting and euphoric high, perfect for individuals with social anxiety or increased stress levels.

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