Simple Steps to Cultivating High-Quality Weed

As legal measures against the cultivation of weed ease up, growing weed should not be a hassle in any way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, so many states have legalized the use of weed either for recreational or medical purposes. Once you have checked the legal requirements to cultivating your own weed, the next thing that’s worth learning is the steps to cultivating weed. This article will take a step-by-step approach to get you going.

Pick the strain

The first question that many people ask about growing weed is typically the strain. What strain will work best for your location and where can you get the cannabis seeds? Strains are always coming up on what seems to be a daily basis nowadays and Seed Supreme has made it their business to ensure that anyone who wishes to cultivate weed can access the seeds.

You will find pot seeds for sale at Seed Supreme and plenty of information regarding the different strains available in the market. You do not have to get stuck trying to figure out what strain would work best for your environment. Additionally, the strain should not be a major point of stress for you because yields are predominantly determined by the conditions of growth and least by the strain.

Seed germination

Weed is just a plant like any other. The seeds require the same conditions as most other plants – oxygen, warmth, and water. However, one tip that many weed farmers provide in the cultivation of weed is that you need to germinate the seeds before putting them out in the garden. Cannabis seeds are not exactly as cheap as those spinach or tomatoes. Therefore, it helps to get a good number of them germinating. When thrown in the grown some seeds rot instead of germinating. Therefore, controlled germination helps to get better chances of weed growth. You can purchase a germination kit online for this task.


When the true set of leaves start appearing, it is time to move the seedlings from the germination kit to the outside. The best time to do this is around the beginning of summer or the end of spring. When transplanting, dig a hole enough to cover the roots but not too large to bury the young plant. If you opt to go for a potted weed plant, then ensure that the container is big enough to hold a plant that will grow to about 150cm tall. Some strains of weed form massive bushes, so ensure that you have space.

Blooming to harvesting

Around fall, the plant will start flowering. This is not a rule of thumb though. Some strains can take longer or shorter periods of time to bloom. The flowering periods however will run for between 6 and 9 weeks also dependent on the strain. You will be able to tell that your weed is ready for harvesting when the pistils start turning to a reddish color. The stems typically broaden and the resin on the buds takes on a brownish hue. The leaves will also turn yellow. The process is as simple as that. Visit Seed Supreme to find those pot seeds for sale and get started on your cultivation journey.

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